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Photo: Christina KuhauptPhoto: Christina KuhauptPhoto: Stefanie PreuinPhoto: Stefanie PreuinPhoto: Stefanie PreuinPhoto: Stefanie Preuin

The portfolioreviews are full. We are sorry we can't offer any more appointments.

As in previous years at the LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism, experienced and well-known photographers and picture editors familiar with the photo market offered portfolio reviews. Young photographers must register for this service. These free viewings will underscore our philosophy of supporting young photojournalists and encouraging their creative development. The reviewers have take half an hour to examine each portfolio, which can also be submitted in a digital version. These are, among others:

Justin Jin (Photographer)
Maxim Dondyuk (Photographer)
Lutz Fischmann (Manager, FREELENS)
Peter Bitzer (Manager, laif)
Elke Maria Latinović (Picture editor, BurdaCreative)
Carmen Brunner (Picture editor, DUMMY)
Søren Pagter (Danish school of media and journalism)
Bertram Solcher (Photographer, FRESSENS)
Steffen Osburg (Picture editor, Corbis)
Gerd Ludwig (Photographer, National Geographic)