All exhibition buildings of the Festival for Young Photojournalism are located in the area of the former world exhibition EXPO 2000 on the outskirts of Hannover and are only a short walk away from the Design Center, the heart of the festival.
The tickets will only be available at the box-offices in the entrance area of the Design-Center of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover.
With the map which you will also get at the box-offices in the Design Center and the arrows at the whole area, you can hardly get lost.

map of the festival area 2014

You can download the map as a PDF flle under the following link!


Design Center Hochschule Hannover

The Design Center is the home of the Design & Media department of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover and thus it is also the workplace of the Hanoverian photo students. In the headquarters of the festival about 10 photo exhibitions will be shown and the evening events with world stars of the photojournalist scene will be taking place here. In addition to that, there is a technique showroom for all kinds of exhibitors from the imaging sector in the atrium, a bistro and numerous lectures and discussions.

Photo: Insa Hagemann

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Apart from the Multimedia vocational school, the building next to the Design Center contains the modern office center CampMedia of the start-up center »hannoverimpuls«. CampMedia was opened in October 2001 and offers office premises of 20 to 48 sq.m. to young and innovative enterprises.

Photo: Anna-Kristina Bauer

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Skywalk South

The Skywalk with its 450 metres of length, connecting the parking lots on the Expo area with the fairground, turns into a top gallery. The Deutsche Messe AG, one of the biggest international trade fair organisers, provides the Skywalk for the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism. Like all other exhibition locations, the Skywalk is in a walking distance from the center of the festival, the Design Center.

Foto: Stefanie Preuin

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Planet MID

This year, the Lumix Festival will have an additional location for its events − Planet MID. Since June 2011, the former Bertelsmann Pavilion has been the new location of the University of Applied Sciences at the Expo Plaza. This is where Lower Saxony‘s Centre for Media, Information and Design was created. We are planning shows and podium discussions on current topics in photography to take place in this extraordinary space – called the “flying saucer” for its futuristic architecture. Multimedia reportages will be shown in the spherical auditorium. Foto: Jonas Wresch



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BMW Center

Again we are very happy to announce that our new BMW exhibition area enriches the Lumix festival a second time this year. BMW's branch in Hanover not only provides us three vehicles for the shuttle service but also facilitates exhibition space in their showrooms. Parallel to the permanent car show we have the opportunity to show parts of the exhibition on all five festival days. At EXPO 2000 the building was called 'Postbox' and inherences BMW since 2007.

Photo: Bianca Meyer

Czech Pavilion

Eduard Matthai is a globally acting specialist in natural and exact colour display of hair colours, with individual solutions as well via colour charts and colour catalogues as in digital systems. The company provides exhibition room for the 2nd Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism in its principal office in the Czech pavilion. They also introduce their latest colour device to interested visitors there.

Photo: Anna-Kristina Bauer

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Richard Kühn house

Our last exhibition venue: We welcome new light-filled space in Richard Kühn house! This modern building is the first built after the Expo 2000 building and located like all our venues - on the former Expo site near the Design Center.

2006 the PERFEKTA group opened the Richard Kühn house. The namesake Richard Kühn laid the foundations of the company in 1921 with its first factory for chemical-technical specialty products, and has grown to now twelve divisions - from cleaning to building playgrounds - and more than 20 locations.

Photo: Maximilian von Lachner

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Gärten im Wandel (Gardens in Transition)

We are happy to announce that we have a special exhibition space with a new design concept this year. The Gärten im Wandel (Gardens in Transition) were planted as part of the 2000 World Expo in Hannover. Originally planned as a modern, green rest area for footsore Expo visitors, the gardens will now be given new life with more than 200 photographs.

Photo: Emile Ducke

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