Exhibitions 2010

More than 1000 submissions for the FreeLens Award from more than 70 countries had arrived at the festival office in 2010. The best 60 works had been selected by a team of curators. Five of them were awarded at the final party:

The prize winners

The Italian Davide Monteleone won the FreeLens Award and 10,000 euros of prize money with his essay on »Northern Caucasus«.

Emiliano Larizza brought home pictures from Haiti that were not like the ones that came through the news agencies. He received an Honourable Mention and 1,000 euros for his work about the »Haiti Earthquake«.

Johan Bävman received an Honourable Mention and 1,000 euros for his work »In the Shadow of the Sun« about the destiny of albinos in Tanzania.

Another Honourable Mention went to Munem Wasif's reportage »Salt Water Tears« about the disastrous consequences of commercial shrimp fishing in Southwest Bangladesh.

Thomas Lekfeldt was glad about an Honourable Mention and the Hannoversche Allgemeine Audience Award, each endowed with 1,000 euros. For his reportage »A Star in the Sky« he had photographed a girl suffering from cancer and her family.

all 60 exhibited works

1. Johan Bävman »Albino – In the Shadow of the Sun«2. Michael Christopher Brown »Broadway«3. Carsten Bundgaard »Midas Touch«4. Christian Burkert »Last Exit Detroit«5. Petrut Calinescu »The Last Peasants of Transylvania«6. James Chance »Living With The Dead: Manila's North Cemetery«7. Philip Cheung »Iraqi Kurdistan«8. William Daniels »Faded Tulips«9. Nicolò Degiorgis »The Hidden Islam«10. Kristian Djurhuus »People of the Park«11. Libor Fojtík »Absurdistan – My Home«12. Ashley Gilbertson »The Great Recession in New York«13. Andrea Gjestvang »Greenland«14. Julie Glassberg »Bike Kill«15. Kirill Golovchenko »The Ukrainian Breakthrough«16. Khaled Hasan »Living Stone: A Community Losing its Life«17. Alessandro Imbriaco »Casilino 900«18. Milan Jaroš »Children With Autism«19. Carl Kiilsgaard »This American Life«20. Edwin Koo »Paradise Lost: Swat Valley Crisis«21. Ikuru Kuwajima »Crimean Cossacks«22. Emiliano Larizza »Haiti Earthquake«23. Erika Larsen »Lavvos and Reindeer«24. Thomas Lekfeldt »A Star in the Sky«25. Jan Lieske »We are Suffering Here – Dead End Rosarno«26. Nikolai Linares »The Road to Defeat«27. Lars Lindqvist »Georgia«28. Andrey Luft »One Minute before Fame«29. Amit Madheshiya »The Nomadic Cinemas of India«30. Chris Maluszynski »New York Society Balls«31. Florian Manz »The last Farmer of Hannover«32. Dmitry Markov »Belated Childhood«33. Tiana Markova-Gold »You Must Not Know 'bout Me...«34. Luiz Maximiano »The Churequeros of Managua«35. Lene Münch »Forever Loyal – A Lifelong Connection«36. Davide Monteleone »Northern Caucasus«37. Arnold Morascher »Circus Roncalli«38. Dominic Nahr »The Road to Nowhere«39. Kai Nedden »Life at Drangar«40. Mads Nissen »Fever, Gold Fever«41. Joanna Nottebrock »Family on Board – Life and Work Aboard a Barge«42. Saiful Huq Omi »Ships and Beyond«43. Ed Ou »Under a Nuclear Cloud«44. Ilana Panich-Linsman »Fifteen«45. Adam Pańczuk »Karczeby«46. Daniel Pilar »Crossing Kabul«47. João Pina »Gangland – Rio de Janeiro's Urban Violence«48. Jacek Pulawski »Quadrantaria in Ticino – Southern Switzerland«49. Espen Rasmussen »Disappearing Moments«50. Andy Spyra »Kashmir«51. Martin Stampe »The Lobstermen’s Apprentice«52. Nicole Strasser »Benidorm – The Lost Paradise«53. Joseph Sywenkyj »Verses: A Family in Odessa, Ukraine«54. Holger Talinski »Peaches 'I Feel Cream' Tour«55. Heinrich Völkel »The Terrible City – Gaza 2009«56. Lucas Wahl »Kathmandu – City of Kings«57. Munem Wasif »Salt Water Tears«58. Gordon Welters »My Belle, Go«59. Lisa Wiltse »Mennonites of Manitoba, Bolivia«60. Antonio Zambardino »The Roadkill Program«

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