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15th August 2008

Festival-reportage published in stern

The first reportage that was published after the exhibition at the festival for young photojournalism comes from a diploma student from Hanover. Due to the jokey-ironic photos, Andreas Meichsners coverage »Willkommen im Club« about club vacations was already very favored by the festival visitors. And also Andreas Trampe, photo chief of the stern, liked it. In the stern issue 33 of August 7th, the reportage was published under the same title on six double spreads. A big success for Andreas Meichsner who got his diploma in january 2006 and already received several awards. For his project »Cluburlaub« he already got a studentship of the »Kulturwerk der VG Bild-Kunst«. Andreas Meichsner works as a freelance photographer and lives in Berlin.



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In the rapture of the world of pictures

12,000 visitors at the Lumix Festival in Hannover!

The expectations were high, but they were beat hollow: With some 12.000 visitors on the five festival days the reaction on the enchantingly picture celebration were bigger than the organizers had expected. But that was not all. No matter which medium dealt with the festival – and the media feedback was enormous – there was only praise for the premiere of the festival. According to the proposition of the organisers, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Hannover and the German organization of photojournalists FreeLens, the festival will be held every two years. According to professor Rolf Nobel, this plan is also supported by the sponsors. Panasonic, the German insurance company VGH, the picture agency laif and, of course, FreeLens announced their willingness to make a regular event of this felicitous picture celebration already before and during the festival.

Indeed the event was a great success. The quality of the exhibited photographers and their stories was "enormously high", like the doyen and Magnum photographer Thomas Höpker stated during the award ceremony of the FreeLens Award, "it would have been easily possible to also present the price to ten or fifteen other photographers". The five-member jury awarded the price, which is endowed with 5.000 Euro, to the American photographer Stephanie Sinclair for her series "Bride Price – Child Marriage around the World". The "Honorable Mentions", endowed with 1.000 Euro, were awarded to the German photographer Christoph Bangert for his Iraq-series and the American photographer Krisanne Johnson for her work on women in Swaziland. Lana Slezic received the audience award for young photojournalism which was founded by Panasonic. The Canadian photographer received the most votes from the visitors for her series "Forsaken", a work on women in Afghanistan. The award is a merchandise credit worth 3.000 Euro.

Thomas Höpker handed Krisanne Johnson for her work about women in Swaziland the honorable mention.

The always completely booked out photographer lectures went also down well with the visitors. When do you ever get the opportunity to see such fabulous photographers like the German Kai Wiedenhöfer, the Czech photographer Antonìn Kratochvìl, the Magnum photographers Thomas Dworzak, Thomas Höpker and Steve McCurry, the animal photographer couple Heidi and Hans-Jürgen Koch and the Englishwoman Vanessa Winship? The audience also assumed the numerous technical lectures and the discussions about different topics like e.g. the education of photojournalists at universities and the work with photography in the editorial office of GEO.

Even the exhibitors were satisfied and praised the high professionalism of the student organizers: Everything was very professional, the service was friendly obliging and thereby very quick.

Accordingly, the students were totally thrilled by the end of the official awards ceremony. With the video-acknowledgements from the Sudan (Christoph Bangert) and the USA (Stephanie Sinclair) and the slideshows of the winner´s pictures, the awards show was as perfectly organized as the presentation of the Oscars. "In these four days I have learnt more than in the whole previous semester", said photo student Jakob Berr and his fellow student Nico Herzog added: "This festival compensates us for the great deal of work we spent on the preparation."

The festival with its about 1.400 pictures and the various lectures was more than just a gigantic picture celebration or a big lecture event. "Also the atmosphere on the Expo-area was simply fantastic", states Getty-photographer Karsten Koall, "there were discussions everywhere and people swapped ideas. Simply great!" The nice summer wheather played into the hands of the organizers and turned the futuristic festival area in a perfect venue. So also the American photographer Krisanne Johnson started to rave about it: "It was such a wonderful festival. I will tell all of my photographer-friends in New York about it. They have to come to Hannover in two years. I will be here anyway!".

The winner of the Freelens-Award 2008, Stephanie Sinclair (r)., with a picture from her work "Bride Price - Child Marriage arround the World".

Christoph Bangert received for his work "Iraq - The Space Between" a honorable mention.

The American Krisanne Johnson (r). - also she received a commendable mention for her work about women in Swaziland.

Lana Slezic won with her work "Forsaken" the Panasonic public prize.

3rd June 2008

Honorable Mentions will be endowed by FreeLens and Panasonic will donate an audience award

The judging panel of the FreeLens Award was confronted with the almost impossible task of choosing the best photoseries out of 60 to be awarded the FreeLens Award for young photojournalism. The stories are to close in means of quality and it was difficult to give the necessary consideration to all the different topics. FreeLens has therefore donated two more Honorable Mentions, each receiving 1000 euros in prize money.

Panasonic, the main sponsor of the festival, will donate the Panasonic Audience Award for young photojournalists. Each visitor of the festival will receive a votingcard to vote for their favourite story. Votes will be collected at the ballot box at the Info-point in the Design Center. The story most voted for by the audience will be announced The winner of the Panasoniuc Audience Award at the closing-party and will receive a 3000 euro voucher, while amongst the participants of the vote, a winner of a Lumix Bridge-Kamera DMC-FZ18EG will be drawn.

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3rd June 2008

Exhibition prints available for donation!

As a gift for a donation starting at EUR100 to the organization »Reporters Without Borders« the festival visitors will be given a print of their free choice of the exhibition. Provided by over 50 photographers and the event. The prints are high quality products in gallery quality in the formats 40/50cm and 50/60 cm (frame format). They are not placed in a passepartout and not signed. For the donation, which has to be paid directly at the booth of Reporters Without Borders, the purchaser will get a receipt. The print will be delivered in a roll after the end of the festival.

The booth of »Reporters Without Borders« is located at the Atrium of the Design-Center (booth 13).

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10th June 2008

Grand opening of the Lumix Festival on the 18th of June

The festival managment of the Festival for Young Photojournalism invites you to the opening on Wednesday, the 18th of June at 3.30 p.m. in the Auditorium of the Design-Center. After the opening speech of Prof. Rolf Nobel, Bertram Solcher - chairman of the joint organizer FreeLens - will held a greeting. The following speachers are the president of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Andres and Christian Börger, principal of the Ministry of Science and Culture for the State of Lower Saxony. Subsequent to the opening the festival management invites you for a champagne reception in the big courtyard.

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28th May 2008

Trailer starts this week in chosen cinemas!

The Lumix festival for young photojournalism also draws the attention, by a 30sec long trailer, in regional cinemas and on the passenger's television of the Hanoverian transport services.

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26th May 2008

Lecture on »software-based lens error-correction – development, status and perspectives of a trend-setting technology«

During the last couple of years the lens construction developed rapidly. The trend is to develop an optical performance with an extremely short focal length, high maximum apertures and a comprehensive zoom range. At the same time with the growing processing power and the development of digital photography, new possibilities arose to get closer to the ideal of optical exact image with new software-based instruments – beyond the physical boundaries of the lens system.
The lecture of Dipl.- Ing. Sebastian Schröder gives an overview over the existing software-based approaches on the market, the available products as well as the recent discussion and the future developments.
Sebastian W. Schröder works in the field of software development since more than 20 years, from those he worked 15 years in the field of digital photography. The image correction software Nurizon Acolens he developed, was awarded with the “Photokina Star Award" for innovative developments at the Photokina 2006. On Thursday, the 19th of June at 11 a.m. he will hold his lecture on software-based lens-error-correction in the Auditorium.

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20th May 2008

FreeLens offers portfolio reviews

From Wednesday, 18th of June, until Saturday, 21st of June, Free Lens will review portfolios in the Design-Center on a daily basis from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.. Famous photographers, picture editors and professors will take a look at the portfolios of young photographers and comment on them. Amongst others the portfolio reviewers will be: Thomas Höpker/Magnum, Peter Bitzer/laif, Vanessa Winship/VU, Andreas Trampe/stern, Bernd Dinkel/GEO.
The age limit of the applicants is 35 years. Who is interested, needs to send his or her portfolio as a PDF to FreeLens. If the quality complies with the needed standard, the applicants will get a notice to transfer EUR30 into an account of FreeLens. The applicant will get the approval of the portfolio review after FreeLens received the EUR30. There is no option to wish for a certain portfolio reviewer.

Applicants send their PDF portfolio to portfolio(at)

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20th May 2008

Photography today: between an authentic document and an artificial world

Wednesday, 18th of June, at 11 a.m., Design-Center/ Auditorium »Photography today: between an authentic document and an artificial world«, lecture by Markus Riess. He is working at Adobe, a Photoshop-expert and also a book and magazine author. In his lecture he is talking about the possibilities of the picture editing with Adobe Photoshop CS 3 Extended and Wacom Wireless Pen Tablets.

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17th May 2008

Brian Storm, Mediastorm comes to the festival!

He is supposed to be the pope of the multimedia photojournalism scene: Brian Storm, leading the agency Mediastorm, comes to the Festival for Young Photojournalism. On Saturday 21st of June at 11 a.m. he will held a lecture about multimedia photojournalism. Video, photography, animation, audio – the productions made by Mediastorm unite different media into a new media event. The multimedia agency Mediastorm is known as “big-player” of the modern, multimedia photojournalism.

Brian Storm, the former vice president of News, Multimedia & Assignment Services for Corbis (the agency owned by Bill Gates), founded his company Mediastorm in 2005. The agency uses the internet and all its multimedia opportunities for its documentations on political and social themes. For this, the company received numerous awards. In 2007 the Emmy-Award was granted to Mediastorm.

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16th May 2008

The grand opening of the Lumix Festival

The opening of the Festival for Young Photojournalism takes place on the 18th of June at 3:30 p.m. in the Auditorium of the Design-Center. The spokesmen will be Lutz Stratmann (enquired), the Minister of Science and Culture, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Andres, president of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. Afterwards, the festival management will hold a reception.

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13th May 2008

Second facade banner is hanging

Photo: Florian Wallenwein

The second facade banner, at the front side of the Design-Center, is now installed. A picture, with a side length of 15 metres, from the reportage of Lana Slezic should advertise for the photo festival. Her work »Forsaken«, which is being exhibited, deals with the living conditions of Afghan women after the fall of the Taliban regime through American troops.

The main entrance to the Design-Center is below the banner. It is the centre of the festival program. Here there will be the evening events with worldwide stars of the photojournalist scene. Ten photo exhibitions also take place here. Additionally, in the Atrium there is a technique showroom, a bistro, various lectures and discussions. The box-offices, the information and the accreditation desks are located directly behind the entrance area.

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1st May 2008

Social reportages – a jobbless art for social romanticists?

Under this title the two famous social photographers Rolf Bauerdick and Jürgen Escher will discuss on the 18th of June at 2 p.m. with picture editors Andreas Trampe from the magazine stern and Sonja Streit from the German women’s magazine Brigitte.
For young photographers social themes are still the top of the best of the reportage photography. But the available space in the magazines is scarce. Additionally, in this field the photographers compete with the world class of the photojournalism scene. What are the strategies of social photographers? Which themes are being printed and which are not? Why is there a constant reduction of available space in the magazines? What are the problems of the picture editors during the »sale« of these stories within the editorial department? These and similar questions will be discussed with the photographers and the picture editors. Jürgen Bischoff, who wrote many social reportages for the Brigitte himself, presents the event.

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27th April 2008

Let´s go party!

Every event, even if it is the most exciting one, sometimes has an end. This is also happening to the Festival for Young Photojournalism. In order that the participants and the visitors are not too sad about the temporarily goodbye – as in 2010 the second Lumix Festival is supposed to take place – there will be a big closing party on the 21st of June from 9 p.m. on in the event area of the music studio Peppermint Park (Boulevard der EU 8). Additionally the exceptional saxophonist Stefan Abel and his colleagues will play Soul Jazz. At 10.30 p.m. Bertram Solcher, head of the German photojournalist organization FreeLens and the speaker of the jury, MAGNUM photographer Thomas Höpker, will award the FreeLens Award for Young Photojournalism , which is endowed with EUR5,000. After the granting, the disco starts and will go on until the morning breaks. The entrance is free of charge.

Saxophonist Stephan Abel (Foto: Irene Zandel) FreeLens Award (Foto: Jelca Kollatsch)

Peppermint Park (Foto: Stefan Koch)

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16th April 2008

Steve McCurry accepted!

The American MAGNUM photographer Steve McCurry completes the top-class lecture program of the Festival for Young Photojournalism. McCurry is member of the photographer agency MAGNUM since 1986. He graduated cum laude from the College for Arts and Architecture at the Pennsylvania State University. For his coverage about the Russian invasion into Afghanistan he received the Robert Capa Gold Medal. His connection with the Afghan topic finally made him world-famous: His photo of the refugee girl with these incredible green eyes, that impresses everybody, was picked for the cover of the National Geographic and printed endless times all over the world. In 2002 the National Geographic organized an expedition and Sharbat Gula, the name of the girl, was found in Afghanistan. Steve McCurry won the World Press Photo Award six times and since 2005 he has the Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain. During the festival he will show a short abstract of his work.

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16th April 2008

The FreeLens Award for Young Photojournalism

FreeLens, the biggest German organization of photojournalists, announced the FreeLens Award for the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism. The prize endowed with EUR5,000 goes to the most impressing work of all festival exhibitions.

Who will be the winner of the prize, will be decided by a five-person jury made of declared experts of the photojournalism scene. Members of the jury are the GEO director of photography Ruth Eichhorn, the MAGNUM photographer Thomas Höpker, the CEO of FreeLens Lutz Fischmann, Peter Bitzer, the CEO of the German photo agency laif and the director of the education of the Danmark Journalisthöjskole, Søren Pagter.

Besides the prize money of EUR5,000 there is the award itself, an approximetly 30cm high bronze. The figur of the young photographer wearing a baseball cap was designed by Lene Münch.

Photo: Jelca  Kollatsch

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The program is ready!

The feedback is huge and the quality astonishing: In total 437 young photographers and photo students applied from all over the world with their reportages, essays and series for the exhibition program of the first Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism. The festival takes place from the 18th to the 22th of June on the Expo area in Hannover. Amongst the photographers are nine winners of the World-Press-Award and many more prize-winning photographers.

On the 6th of April the 60 exhibitions were planned from the trustees Stefanie Bunk (FreeLens gallery), Lutz Fischmann (executive of FreeLens), Isabel Winarsch (festival office) and Prof. Rolf Nobel (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover). FreeLens, the biggest German organization of photo journalists and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover organize the festival.

The exhibiting photographers come from 21 countries. Most of the photographers work as professionals, twelve per cent are still studying.

19 picture series derive from German photographers, followed by 9 Danish ones. Many of the Danish photographers graduated from the School of Journalism in Aarhus, which is internationally known to be one of the best universities for photojournalist students. Again and again, graduates from the Danish School of Journalism win the World Press Photo Award or other famous awards.

According to Isabel Winarsch, the director of the festival office and trustee “In total the level of the work is very high and so is the scope of themes and different picture styles.” Prof. Rolf Nobel, initiator of the Lumix Festival, adds: “As far as I know, there has never been such a profound exhibition of journalistic photography in Germany. This festival sets standards!”

View the exhibition program.

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11th April 2008

First facade banner is hanging

Gradually the Design-Center on the Hanoverian Expo area turns into a festival location: Now one of the two facade banners in XXL-format is hanging. The banner shall advertise for the Festival for Young Photojournalism in the next couple of weeks. The image was taken by the Chinese photographer Justin Jin. His reportage, which is going to be exhibited on the festival, is about the production of jeans in China. His astonishing photo can now be seen on the busy highway (Messeschnellweg) from even far away. In approximately three weeks the other gigantic poster will be installed at the front of the Design-Center.

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29th March 2008

The German newspaper F.A.Z supports the festival

The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung will support the Festival for Young Photojournalism in the media. For many years now, the newspaper and the field of study Photography of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover work together in regards to the photographic education of students. For more than two years now, every three month the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover sends a photo student to the F.A.Z. to do a 6-month-internship in the editorial office. The students mainly work as photographers for the Rhine-Main-edition, but their pictures also appear in the Sunday paper and the national pages. A cooperation from which both sides benefit. Therefore, it is only logical that the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung supports the Festival for Young Photojournalism to make it successful.

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27th March 2008

The Lumix festival presents itself on the 25th symposium of the German photographic education association FFA

From the 5th – 6th of April the 25th symposium of the German photographic education association “Fördergemeinschaft Fotografische Ausbildung e.V.” will take place in Bielefeld, Germany. The »LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism« will participate with an information booth, where a couple of selected works of the exhibition will be presented. Furthermore, the visitor of the symposium can inform him- or herself about the up-to-date program of the festival. For the fifth time now, the incorporated association of the FFA organizes an event called “clothesline”. Professionals and encouraged newcomers can use a 80 metre long clothesline as a gallery. Besides this, there are numerous lectures, a presentation of state-of-the-art technologies by renowned companies of the photo branch and during the two days Mauritius Images will offer a portfolio review. For more information, please click here:

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23rd March 2008

Thomas Dworzak/MAGNUM comes!

He is one of the youngest MAGNUM photographers and one of the few Germans in this legendary agency. The 35-year old was born in Koetzing, Germany, a small town in the Bavarian Forest. He left the province behind and now lives in the metropolis New York. Since the '90s the young German made himself a name as a photographer, mainly with reportages from political hotspots: the former Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq. During this time he photographed his outstanding works like “M*A*S*H IRAQ”, a montage from his own pictures shoot in the Iraq and screenshots of the American TV-series M*A*S*H. He published this work as a book and a podcast. This work shows impressively how alive and modern photojournalism can be in these times. Thomas Dworzak will hold his lecture on Friday, 20th of June, at 7:30 p.m. in the Auditorium.

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20th March 2008

Antonin Kratochvil comes!

The 60 year old Czech photographer Antonin Kratochvil comes to the Festival for Young Photojournalism to Hannover. He is member of the renowned photo agency VII. The most famous Czech representative of documentary and reportage photography made a name for himself as a photographer of social conditions in East Europe and in political hotspots like Rwanda, Afghanistan or the Iraq. But also the portraits of Johnny Depp, David Bowie or Jean Reno show his great talent. For his photos he received various prices, like the Leica Medal of Excellence and several World Press Awards.


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17th March 2008

Vanessa Winship comes!

The British photographer Vanessa Winship comes to the Festival for Young Photojournalism to Hannover. On Thursday, 19th of June, at 7:30 p.m. she will hold a lecture on her work. She graduated with a BA hons in Film, Video and Photography Arts from the Westminster University and later on she received a Postgraduate Diploma in Photojournalism from the London College of Printing. Since 1992 she works as an independent photo journalist. In the publishing house marebuchverlag she published a wonderful book about the Black Sea, for which she travelled through all riparian states. This year she was first at the World Press Photo in the category “"Portrait Stories". She is member of the French agency Agence VU.

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16th March 2008

Series of lectures by GEO

The picture editors of Geo, who support the Festival for Young Photojournalism in the media, comes with a whole group of picture editors to answer the questions of the young photographers. The series of lectures by GEO taking place on Saturday 21st of June is dealing with the first appearance in the GEO Picture Department, the pre-publishing process in GEO and the special requirements needed for the travel photography and the photography for the children edition GEOlino.

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16th March 2008

Panel discussion with five professors: “Photojournalism at Universities”

On Thursday, 19th of June, at 2 p.m. six University professors will discuss about photojournalism in the academic model. Vincent Kohlbecher from the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, Hermann Dornhege from the University of Applied Sciences, Stefan Enders from the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, Roman Bezjak from the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, Michael Ebert from the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg / Stendal and host Rolf Nobel from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover will be the participating professors.
Despite their different teaching philosophy and academic background, they all have one thing in common - their professional background: For many years all of them worked or still work as photo journalists for renowned magazines.

       Stefan Enders                Vincent Kohlbecher              Roman Bezjak

      Hermann Dornhege              Michael Ebert                    Rolf Nobel

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10th March 2008

LUMIX Festival at the PICTA

Photo: Franz Bischof

From the 6th – 8th of March the PICTA, the picture agency fair, took place in Hamburg. The field of study Photography showed in a photo exhibition a retrospection of reportages and photo series created under Prof. Rolf Nobel.
Besides this, the students appeared with an information booth advertising for the »LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism«. The festival will take place for the first time from the 18th – 21st of June.

Photo: Franz Bischof

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29th February 2008

Application now ends on 31st of March

Due to the different semester breaks of the photo schools and universities in the whole world and the resulting difficulties to get in touch with the students, many professors and teachers asked for an extension of the application.
The administration of the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism extended the application for the participation at the exhibition program once. The final end of the application is the 31st of March.

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1st February 2008

Geo supports Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism

The magazine Geo, famous for its outstanding picture- and textreportages, supports the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism.  Amongst other things, Geo is going to report about the festival on its web page and will also participate actively in the festival program. The aim to promote joung photojournalism corresponds with Geo`s own ambition to support young photojournalists. Therefore, Geo offers internships for Photography students since many years. On the web page “young photography” the magazine presents final year projects of  graduands.

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17th January 2008

Attorney Dirk Feldmann talks about “personal rights”

Attorney Dirk Feldmann, 52, is an expert for copyright and media law. Since 1995 he is the legal adviser for the German organization of photojournalists Freelens e.V.. During the Festival for Young Photojournalism he will he give a lecture on “personal rights”. Right now there is a growing number of charges against photographers, newspapers and magazines by persons whose photo has been taken. Everywhere there is an enormous feeling of legal uncertainty. What is allowed to be done by a photographer, what is not? And there is always the question: What is the price for a violation of a personal right? Dirk Feldmann is going to bring light into the dark legal precipices.

(more information here)


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10th December 2007

Kai Wiedenhöfer is coming to the festival

Kai Wiedenhöfer, living in Berlin, belongs to the group of the most distinguished German photographers. He is one of the few German photojournalists with an international reputation. The many international awards he received during his carrier were, amongst other things, helped to established this fame. The World Press Photo Award was granted to him in 2002 and 2004, the Leica Medal of Excellence also in 2002, the W.-Eugene-Smith-Price in 2002 and the Hansel-Mieth-Price in 1998. His new book "Wall" (published in the Steidl Verlag), which was photographed with a medium format panoramic camera, is dealing with the wall in Israel and the occupied Palestinian regions that were declared as illegitimate by the UN's International Court of Justice in 2004. The Middle East is his main subject for more than ten years now. In his lecture he will give a short overview about his work.

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1st December 2007

Bookstall for the festival

The „Bookshop in the House of Photography“, opened in April 2005 in Hamburg, will have a bookstall in the Design-Center during the whole time of the festival. The bookstall is going to offer titels from the journalistic and documentary photography. Amongst them are all the available titels of the photographers participating in the festival.
The „Bookshop in the House of Photography“ belongs to the biggest bookshops specialised in photography in Europe. It has over 2,500 illustrated books from the various fields like fashion-, portray-, nude-, art-, reportage-, documentary-, landscape and naturephotography as well as textbooks for the analogue and digital photography. Also there are books about the computer programs for picture editing. The head of the bookstore is Michael Klein-Reitzenstein the former chef of the PPS-bookstore.

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29th November 2007

Thomas Höpker from Magnum is coming!

The German MAGNUM-photographer Thomas Höpker, living in New York, is coming to Hannover in order to participate in the Festival for the Young Photojournalism. He is one of the most considerable German photojournalistst ever. During the festival Thomas Höpker will hold a lecture about his work and participate in the portfolio reviews. He will also chair the jury which grands the FreeLens Award for the Young Photojournalism, dotated with EUR5000, to the photographer with the best exhibited reportage. This award is being arranged by the organization of German photojornalists FreeLens.


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15th November 2007

Heidi and Hans-Jürgen Koch are coming!

They belong to best and most unusual international photographers specialized in animal imagery. Thus the two graduated in Biology, their picture essays have journalistic character and are not just simple illustrations. The photos are always something special. Their carrier started while shooting essays about rather normal animals, for which a photographer had never shown any interest in, such as the housefly or the domestic pig. Up till now their work is published in various famous magazines like the stern (Germany), Geo (Germany), mare (Germany), National Geographic (USA) and the Sunday Times (UK). Most of their pictures proof that an outstanding photo of an animal needs more than just a photo safari in an exotic surrounding. Never ever before a polar bear was portrayed in a more exciting pose than in their photos. Each of them taken in a zoo. The magazine “mare” published this work in an opulent manner. Their photos as well as their lectures about their work are exciting, humorous and inventive.

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15th October 2007

Skywalk turns into a XXL gallery

The Skywalk with its 450 metres of length connecting the parking lots on the Expo area with the fairground, turns into a top gallery. The Deutsche Messe AG, one of the biggest international trade fair organiser, provides the Skywalk for the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism as a top gallery. Like  all other exhibition grounds, the Skywalk is in a walking distance from the center of  the festival, the Design Center.

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3rd October 2007

Two more motives of the postcard series

From now on there are circulating two more motives of the postcard series, with which the University of Applies Sciences and Arts Hannover wants to promote the LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism. One of the photos is taken from the diploma thesis from Tatjana Hallbaum – In-Between ( and the other one was taken by the student Felix Seuffert ( It shows a boy springing over the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin.

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19th September 2007

Agency laif sponsors the festival

The photo agency laif from Cologne, one of the biggest and most prestigious German photo agencies, sponsors the Festival for Young Photojournalism. Since many years laif is well-known for its brilliant photography. Photographers from laif won various international and national prices in the last years. With its support of the festival the agency wants to contribute their part for the promotion of the upcoming generation of photojournalists.
For more information about laif, please go to

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22nd August 2007

The Cultural Fund of the VG BILD-KUNST promotes the photofestival

The Festival for Young Photojournalism taking place from the 18th – 21st of June 2008 on the Expo area in Hannover, will be promoted financially by the Cultural Fund of the BILD-KUNST with an important sum. This was a decision made on the last meeting of the Cultural Fund. Twice a year the Cultural Fund of the BILD-KUNST awards 100,000EUR to eligible photographic and graphic projects. This promotion program belongs to the biggest in Europe. With the promotion actual photographic work can be sponsored, but also expositions, catalogues and festivals. Just professional projects can be supported, not students’ or amateurs’ work. The funding is meant to help realising projects, which almost do not have chances in the commercially orientated market. In this manner the Cultural Fund wants to help, that important themes are still going to be photographed. Who has interest in a studentship of the Cultural Fund of the BILD-KUNST, please go to

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7th May 2007

first festival postcards in circulation

The first two of a series of postcard motives are being circulated. With these postcards, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Hannover wants to promote the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism. The two photos were made by Daniel Pilar ( and Andreas Meichsner (, both alumni from Hannover, and depict scenes from a Dutch holiday resort and the Bismarck Archipelago in New Guinea.

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7th April 2007

VGH is sponsoring festival

The insurance company VGH of Lower Saxony is sponsoring the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism. VGH and the field of study photography have already been working together successfully for several years.

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7th April 2007

Radisson Hotel will be hosting exhibitions

The SAS Radisson Hotel, located at the Expo-Plaza, will be one of the festival’s exhibitors. The lobby and several conference halls are already in use as exhibition space.

Photo: Stefan Koch

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7th April 2007

atrium will be turned into technique showroom

The Design Centers’ atrium with its 1,500 square meters will turn into a tecnique showroom for the presentation of products from the imaging sector. Next to our lead sponsor Panasonic, who will be represent with a large stand, we expect many other manufacturers of photo equipment to join. For inquiries on exhibition space and rent, please contact info(at)

Photo: Michael Löwa

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