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Looking back on the 3rd LUMIX photofestival

A Record Number of Visitors

Photo: Janina Rahn

More than 30,000 visitors came over the five days of the Third LUMIX Festival
for Young Photojournalism. “Naturally, we hoped that we could outdo the
numbers from 2010, but 30,000 is simply overwhelming”, says Rolf Nobel, festival
director and professor of photography at Hannover’s University of Applied Arts
and Sciences. Gerd Ludwig, a star photographer from National Geographic,
commented: “It is a shame that there are only five days to see this number of
unbelievable stories. I wish this exhibit could take place in other locations as well."

Presentations on the Internet

Photo: Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez

Anyone who missed the presentations by eight top photographers at the
LUMIX Festival can still view them online. Due to copyrights and personal
rights not all presentations will be available though. The videos will be posted
at on July 11th. The photographers tell us
about their career paths and their multifaceted work around the world.

17th June 2012

The award winners

The American Peter van Agtmael is the winner oft the FREELENS Award and 10.000 € prize money for his body of work  »Disco Night Sept. 11«. The story is a collection of moments of the time when the photographer was wandering on a narrow path between the naive war fascination he had felt as a child and the brutality that he experienced later as a war photographer in Irak and Afghanistan.

Bharat Choudhary’s photos should aid understanding between Muslims and Non-Muslims. He received a Honourable Mention of 1.000 € for »The Silence of Others«. After the attacks on New York in 2001 and London in 2005, the Western media often stereotype Muslims as terrorists. A general sense of suspicion has led in part to physical and psychological abuse of law-abiding Muslim citizens. On his trip from the American Midwest to Great Britain, Bharat Choudhary captured the mistreatment and discrimination of young Muslims.

Tomas Lazar received a Honourable Mention and 1.000 € for his reportage »Theater of Life«. Tomas Lazar received a Honourable Mention and 1.000 € for his reportage »Theater of Life«. Polish photographer Tomasz Lazar's long-term project concentrates on the ongoing changes in our society from the increasing influence of culture and technology. 

Another Honourable Mention was given to Sebastian Liste for his reportage »Urban Quilombos« about friendships, love, fraud, conflicts and unity in Salvador da Bahia.

Rémi Ochlik, who lost his life in the course of doing his photographic work, receives the HAZ Audience Award which is endowed with 1.000 €. In his photo reportage »Arab Spring« he captured the incidents of Arab Spring.

The Lumix Multimedia Award and 5.000 € prize money for the best multimedia story were given to the Dutch photographer Ilvy Njiokiktjien for »Afrikaner Blood«. She and her co-author Elles van Gelder convinced with their story about a group of South Africans who still believe in Apartheid, and about how hatred is being seeded into these young men’s hearts.

American photographer Christopher Capozziello received the Lammerhuber Photography Award which is endowed with 5.000, and he received a Honourable Mention in the category Lumix Multimedia Award. In his story »The Distance Between Us«  Christopher Capoziello covers the past 10 years in the life of his twin brother Nick,  who is a cerebral palsy patient, with his camera. 


Another Honourable Mention in the category LUMIX Multimedia Award was given to Maisie Crow. With very emotional interviews, her multimedia story »Half Lives: The Chernobyl Workers Now« shows the life of the victims of the Nuclear Desaster in Tschernobyl in 1986, who had been replaced and forgotten by Ucranian Government

festival catalogue 2012

Photo: Marcus Reichmann

You will find all information about the 60 exhibitions and their authors in the 301 pages of the book. The visual pleasure is included of course – there are extracts of each exhibition. You can get the catalogue for 20 Euros at the Bookshop at the House of Photography Hamburg, shipping is only available via them. Please inform yourself about the shipping and payment conditions directly at the bookshop:

Buchhandlung im Haus der Photographie
Deichtorhallen Hamburg GmbH
Deichtorstr. 1-2
D-20095 Hamburg
Opening hours: Tue-Sun. 11.00 am to 6.00 pm / Mon closed
Contact: Michael Klein-Reitzenstein
Tel: 0049(0)40 32 52 87 04 / 06
Fax: 0049(0)40 32 52 87 05

18th June 2012

Pictures of the Day 17th June 2012

photo: Amadeus Waldnerphoto: Amadeus Waldnerphoto: Amadeus Waldnerphoto: Amadeus Waldnerphoto: Janina Rahnphoto: Janina Rahnphoto: Janina Rahnphoto: Janina Rahnphoto: Janina Rahnphoto: Janina Rahnphoto: Janina Rahnphoto: Janina Rahn

14th June 2012

Pictures of the Day - 17th June 2012

1. Photo: Steffanie Preuin2. Photo: Steffanie Preuin3. Photo: Steffanie Preuin4. Photo: Steffanie Preuin5. Photo: Amadeus Waldner6. Photo: Amadeus Waldner7. Photo: Steffanie Preuin8. Photo: Steffanie Preuin9. Photo: Patrick Slesiona10. Photo: Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez11. Photo: Patrick Slesiona12. Photo: Patrick Slesiona13. Photo: Patrick Slesiona14. Photo: Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez15. Photo: Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez16. Photo: Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez17. Photo: Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez18. Photo: Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez19. Photo: Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez

15th June 2012

Pictures of the day 15th June 2012

1. Photo: Moritz Münch2. Photo: Moritz Küstner3. Photo: Sonja Palade4. Photo: Sonja Palade5. Photo: Amadeus Waldner6. Photo: Joanna Nottebrock7. Photo: Joanna Nottebrock8. Photo: Sonja Palade9. Photo: Philipp Jeske10. Photo: Joanna Nottebrock12. Photo: Sonja Palade11. Photo: Moritz Küstner12. Photo: Moritz Münch13. Photo: Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez14. Photo: Daniel Ludwig Schöpfer15. Photo: Sonja Palade16. Photo: Katharina Bauer17. Photo: Joanna Nottebrock

14th June 2012

Pictures of the day 14th June 2012

1. Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez2. Sonja Palade3. Sonja Palade4. Sonja Palade5. Sonja Palade6. Moritz Münch7. Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez8. Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez9. Moritz Münch10. Moritz Münch12. Sonja Palade11. Moritz Münch12. Moritz Münch13. Stefanie Preuin14. Sonja Palade15. Sonja Palade16. Sonja Palade17. Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez18. Moritz Münch19. Moritz Münch20. Stefanie Preuin21. Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez22. Patrick Slesiona23. Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez

13th June 2012

Pictures of the opening day

1. Photo: Stefanie Preuin2. Photo: Amadeus Waldner3. Photo: Amadeus Waldner4. Photo: Philipp Jeske5. Photo:  Philipp Jeske6. Photo: Patrick Slesiona »Danisch Pavilion«7. Photo: Janina Rahn8. Photo: Amadeus Waldner9. Photo: Philipp Jeske10. Photo: Patrick Slesiona11. Photo: Katharina Bauer12. Photo: Stefanie Preuin13. Photo:Katharina Bauer14. Photo: Amadeus Waldner

11th June 2012

Ernesto Bazan to introduce his new book

The Italian photographer Ernesto Bazan plans to visit the LUMIX Festival this year. At the last festival, he fascinated his audience with a presentation on his work about Cuba and provided insight into the creation of his book »BazanCuba«, which he published with the support of his students. 

This year, he is introducing his new book, »Al Campo«, which shows Cuba in a combination of narrative, surreal and atmospheric pictures. In contrast to the dark black-and-white of his first book, these new images are in gleaming colour. 

Bazan's book presentation will take place on Saturday, 16 June at 4:00 pm in Room C 2.07. Afterwards, he will hold a signing session in front of the Deichtorhallen book stand in the large atrium of the Design Centre. 

Foto: Joanna Nottebrock

At the peak of the Festival preparations

1. Photo: Katharina Bauer2. Photo: Amadeus Waldner3. Photo: Amadeus Waldner4. Photo: Amadeus Waldner5. Photo: Amadeus Waldner6. Photo: Moritz Küstner7. Photo: Michael Wallmüller8. Photo: Katharina Bauer »Turkish Pavilion«9. Photo: Stefanie Preuin »Turkish Pavilion«10. Photo: Katharina Bauer »Turkish Pavilion«11. Photo: Katharina Bauer »Turkish Pavilion«12. Photo: Stefanie Preuin »Turkish Pavilion«13. Photo: Stefanie Preuin »Turkish Pavilion«14. Photo: Stefanie Preuin »Turkish Pavilion«15. Photo: Stefanie Preuin16. Photo: Amadeus Waldner17. Photo: Katharina Bauer »Czech Pavilion«18. Photo: Moritz Muench »Danish Pavilion«19. Photo: Moritz Muench »Danish Pavilion«20. Photo: Moritz Muench »Danish Pavilion«21. Photo: Patrick Slesiona »Danish Pavilion«22. Photo: Patrick Slesiona »Danish Pavilion«23. Photo: Moritz Muench »Danish Pavilion«24. Photo: Patrick Slesiona »Danish Pavilion«25. Photo: Patrick Slesiona26. Photo: Patrick Slesiona27. Photo: Patrick Slesiona28. Photo: Patrick Slesiona

31st May 2012

Opening Ceremony

Photo: Joanna Nottebrock

The official opening ceremony of the 3rd Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism will take place on Wednesday, 13 June 2012 at 14:30 in the lecture theatre of the Design Centre. Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Kerkow-Weil, President of the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, festival director Prof. Rolf Nobel and Bertram Solcher of the FREELENS photojournalists' association will be there to welcome all guests to the festival. Laurent Abadie, Managing Director of Panasonic Europe, will address the assembly via video. Following this, there will be a reception in the large atrium.

22nd May 2012

Blurb to give away photo book vouchers at portfolio viewings – Registration possible until 5th June

Photo:Stefanie Preuin

As in previous years at the LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism, experienced and well-known photographers and picture editors familiar with the photo market will be offering portfolio reviews on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of June 2012. Young photographers must register for this service by the 5th of June. These free viewings will underscore our philosophy of supporting young photojournalists and encouraging their creative development. The reviewers will take half an hour to examine each portfolio, which can also be submitted in a digital version. Spontaneous reviews without registration will be possible in our lounge on the 4th level. What's new is that this year, a jury comprising Stephanie Bunk (FREELENS), Karen Fromm (Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts) and Peter Bitzer (laif) will award each day’s best portfolio with a Blurb voucher worth more than 200 Euros for the production of a photo book. This applies only to printed portfolios submitted after each viewing session. After each day’s winner has been announced, submissions can be picked up on the 4th level at 4.00 pm.

Click here to register

31st May 2012

Multimedia Stories Up Close and Personal

Photo: Natalie Becker

Multimedia Day will take place on Friday, 15 June. In short presentations, our multimedia exhibitors will tell their stories and describe how they create their work. At the end of the presentations, spectators will have the opportunity to ask presenters questions and chat with them in person. Meet & Greet – Day of Collectives During this year's festival, a Day of Collectives will take place on Thursday, 14 June. Photo collectives and young, independent agencies will make presentations throughout the entire day in the Planet MID venue. During the presentations in the movie theatre, Planet MID will offer the forum next door the opportunity to talk shop and exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. The day will come to an end at 21:00 with the legendary "Kollektivparty", a get-together featuring music and drinks.

31st May 2012

HAZ to donate People’s Choice Prize

Ph oto: Joanna Nottebrock

For the second time, the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ) has provided the people's choice prize, which is worth 1,000 euros, to the Third LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism. From Wednesday, 13 June until Saturday, 16 June, all visitors to the festival may vote for the photo series that touched, excited or entertained them the most and leave their ballots at the info-point in the design centre. Later, all participants will be entered in a draw for three Travellerzoom Cameras DMC-TZ31 which have been donated by Panasonic Germany. .

31st May 2012

Closing Celebrations

Photo: Hannes Jung

The high point of the festival- the awarding of prizes and the closing celebrations- will begin on Saturday, 16 June at 20:00 in the Multimedia BBS next door to the Design Centre. The band Jazzebo will create a relaxing atmosphere and make everyone feel at home. At about 21:30, all the festival's prizes, totalling 25,000 euros, will be awarded: the HAZ People's Choice Prize, the Lumix Multimedia Award, the Lammerhuber Photography Award and, finally, the FREELENS Award. After the prizes have been awarded, the party will continue until the early hours of the next morning. We would like to invite all our guests to celebrate with us. Admission is free.

17th May 2012

New Exhibition Space - the Turkish Pavilion

During the 3rd LUMIX Festival the Turkish Pavilion will be open for visitors for the first time since the Expo World’s Fair in 2000. Thanks to the great dedication of Turkish consul general Tunca Özçuhadar and the culturalattaché Huseyin Cosan it is now possible to use the extraordinary building as an exhibition space. It hasn’t been used for over ten years and will add a wild charm to the Festival.

Bianca Meyer

5th May 2012

Stuart Franklin to attend LUMIX Festival

The last photography presentation has finally been arranged. On Thursday, 14 June, British MAGNUM photographer Stuart Franklin will make a presentation on his work.

The 55-year-old Londoner has been a member of the agency MAGNUM since 1990 and was president of this agency from 2006 until 2009. Since 1990, he has photographed more than 20 reportages for theAmerican magazine National Geographic. His picture of the protestor who stood up to a row of tanks during the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989 hasbecome an icon in the history of photography.

Franklin's work is characterized by its great diversity of topics. He has won many prizes and published four collections of his photos.

Tien An Men Square. 'The Tank Man' stopping the column of T59 tanks. 4th June 1989.

Visit the website of Stuart Franklin

3rd May 2012

Meet & Greet – Day of Collectives

photo: Natalie Becker

During this year's festival, a Day of Collectives will take place on Thursday, 14 June. Photo collectives and young, independent agencies make presentations throughout the entire day in the new exhibition venue, Planet MID. During the presentations in the movie theatre, Planet MID will offer the forum next door the opportunity to talk shop and exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. The day will come to an end at 21:00 with the legendary "Kollektivparty", a get-together featuring music and drinks. Registration for collectives and agencies will take place online until 10th May at fotofestival(at)

14th June 2012

Pictures of the day 14th June 2012

1. Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez2. Sonja Palade3. Sonja Palade4. Sonja Palade5. Sonja Palade6. Moritz Münch7. Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez8. Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez9. Moritz Münch10. Moritz Münch12. Sonja Palade11. Moritz Münch12. Moritz Münch13. Stefanie Preuin14. Sonja Palade15. Sonja Palade16. Sonja Palade17. Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez18. Moritz Münch19. Moritz Münch20. Stefanie Preuin21. Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez22. Patrick Slesiona23. Fernando Gutiérrez Juárez

a look behind the scenes

1. Photo: Katharina Bauer2. Photo: Marta Krajinović3. Photo: Marta Krajinović4. Photo: Marta Krajinović5. Photo: Jonas Wresch6. Photo: Jonas Wresch7. Photo: Jonas Wresch8. Photo: Jonas Wresch9. Photo: Jonas Wresch10. Photo: Philipp Jeske11. Photo: David Carreno Hansen12. Photo: Sonja Palade13. Photo: Patrick Slesiona14. Photo: Patrick Slesiona15. Photo: Philipp Jeske16. Photo: Philipp Jeske17. Photo: Philipp Jeske18. Photo: Sonja Palade19. Photo: Katharina Bauer20. Photo: Katharina Bauer21. Photo: Katharina Bauer22. Photo:  Katharina Bauer23. Photo: Sonja Palade24. Photo: Moritz Muench25. Photo: Moritz Muench26. Photo: Moritz Muench27. Photo: Moritz Muench28. Photo: Moritz Muench29. Photo: Moritz Muench

3rd May 2012

Multimedia Stories Up Close

(photo: Philipp von Ditfurth)

Yet another highlight in the third LUMIX Festival is Multimedia Day, which will take place on Friday, 15 June. In short talks, the 22 multimedia artists will present their stories and tell us how they create their own work. Following the talks, spectators will have the opportunity to ask the artists questions and talk to them.

3rd May 2012

Online Accreditation to Continue until 5 June 2012.

Foto: Joannna Nottebrock

Picture editors, journalists, photojournalists, photo agencies, teachers in the field of photography and cultural managers can be accredited online for the Third LUMIX Photo Festival until 5 June at During the festival, your accreditation ID can be collected in the foyer of the Design Centre (Accreditation Point, Expo Plaza 2). Naturally, you may also register on-site on any day of the festival. Accredited visitors will have free access to the exhibitions throughout the festival. Admission to the evening presentations is not included and must be paid. Our festival office will be happy to give you more information.

3rd May 2012

Photos for Donations – FREELENS Foundation

As in 2008, this year’s exhibiting photographers will be making the prints shown at the LUMIX Festival available for a good cause. The entire proceeds will go towards the FREELENS Foundation, a registered charity established by the photographers’ association FREELENS e.V. The FREELENS Foundation works both to offer financial support to individual photographers, and to support photographic projects. The main focus is on developing countries: During the five days of the festival, all original photos that are offered by the exhibitors will be available as an appreciation for the donation of €100.00 or more.

24th April 2012

You can't ignore it - XXL banners again adorns the design centre

Photo: Jonas Wresch

The preparations for the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism are in full swing. Two large banners adorn the facade of the Design Center. As motives an image from the photographic work "Siberian Supermodel" by Anastasia Taylor-Lind and a photo from the series "Arab Spring" by Remi Ochlik were chosen.

20th April 2012

New Exhibition Space - BMW Center

Photo: Bianca Meyer

Another new exhibition area enriches the Lumix festival this year. BMW's branch in Hanover not only provides us three vehicles for the shuttle service but also facilitates exhibition space in their showrooms. Parallel to the permanent car show we have the opportunity to show parts of the exhibition on all five festival days. At EXPO 2000 the building was called 'Postbox' and inherences BMW since 2007.

20th March 2012

Melissa Farlow is coming to the Lumix Festival

Photo: Patrick Tehan

For the past 20 years, the American photographer Melissa Farlow has been working for National Geographic magazine. Before that, she was at the Pittsburgh Press, the Louisville Times and other newspapers. In Louisville, she was among the staff who won the Pulitzer Prize for their documentation of racial problems in the public school system. Farlow has won several other awards for her work, including the American Picture of the Year competition. She learnt her trade during her bachelor's program at Indiana University and her master's in photojournalism at the University of Missouri, where she later taught this subject as well. Her work encompasses themes concerning the juxtapositions of land and people. Her nature and animal photos, such as her reportage about mustangs in the USA, leave a lasting impression.

Novices play ball in the courtyard during a short break from the strict life in a cloistered convent. The young nuns at Santa Catalina Convent in Arequipa, Peru adjust to their new rules and a routine where they are always silent, pray seven times a day, and never leave the grounds.

Zur Webseite von Melissa Farlow

20th March 2012

Craig Walker is coming to the Lumix Festival

In 2010 Craig Walker, a photographer for the Denver Post, won the Pulitzer Prize for his photo reportage "Ian Fisher: American Soldier", an intense series profiling a young American soldier who allowed Walker and his camera to accompany him for 27 months. This time frame covered everything from Fisher's high-school graduation to his return from the war in Iraq. The Pulitzer was followed by the Photographer of the Year prize at the prestigious Pictures of the Year International Award (POYi) in 2011. Walker's award-winning contribution here was "Welcome Home: The Story of Scott Ostrom". Like "Ian Fisher: American Soldier", "Welcome Home" is a long-term project focusing on the consequences of the war in Iraq. Walker has been with the Denver Post since 1998. His career, which is marked by several awards, started at the Marlborough Enterprise in Massachusetts after he had graduated from the Rhode Island School of Photography.

From "Welcome Home: The Story of Scott Ostrom". Walker tells the story of an American soldier who returned from war traumatized.


19th March 2012

The 60 photo essays and 22 multimedia reportages have been selected!

The jury, which is made up of Stephanie Bunk (manager of the FREELENS Gallery in Hamburg), Lutz Fischmann (managing director of FREELENS), Prof. Rolf Nobel (photography professor at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and director of the festival), Isabel Winarsch (chief organizer of the festival) and Paula Tamm (project leader at FREELENS), has chosen the best 60 reportages and essays and 22 multimedia reportages from among a record 1,300 submissions.

The applications came from 77 different countries. As in past years, the artistic quality and thematic range of the festival's reportages are truly exceptional. They show the drama of the world, such as the Arab spring and life in Fukushima after the nuclear accident. They also tell stories about a surf club in Gaza and everyday life in a circus family. All of this is what makes the LUMIX festival a mirror for the world.

All 60 photo reportages and 22 multimedia reportages will soon be announced at /ausstellungen.html and /multimedia.html.

7th March 2012

Rena Effendi to is coming to the LUMIX Festival

Foto: Maria Ionova-Gribina

Azerbaijani photographer Rena Effendi is to give a presentation on her work on Friday, 15 June at five pm in the Design Centre. Effendi, born in Baku in 1977, experienced her youth in times of great instability, economic collapse and war. One of her photo essays, inspired by these experiences, was created between 2002 and 2008; it follows the course of the pipeline which runs through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. "Pipe Dreams: A Chronicle of Lives Along the Pipeline" has won several awards, including the Getty Images Editorial Grant.

From 2007 to 2010, Effendi concentrated on topics in Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. She has won several fellowships from well-known photography foundations and organizations. Effendi has lived in Cairo since 2011 and is currently working on a long-term project dealing with the Christians in Egypt.

Story: House Of Happiness

Visit Rena Effendis Website

15th February 2012

NEW! The Lammerhuber Photography Award

Photo: Franz Killmeyerk

This award, which has been endowed by the well-known Austrian photographer and publisher Lois Lammerhuber, will be conferred for the first time at the LUMIX Festival 2012. The prize will award the reportage or series of the Festival that tells the most impressive story of everyday life. This story can be humorous or serious, oppressive or optimistic, personal or detached.

The Lammerhuber Award will underline the philosophy of the LUMIX Festival, which is that the aim of humanist photojournalism should be to examine all facets of life. The photographer Lois Lammerhuber (*1952) is one of the most outstanding personalities in photography in his home country of Austria. Aside from several prizes for his work, he has also won many awards for his photo books over the past few years. The prize has been endowed with € 5,000.

15th February 2012

A 50% off book voucher for every applicant - Blurb supports the LUMIX Festival

Until 29th February, young photographers can submit their applications tothe LUMIX Festival. Every applicant - regardless of whether or not they arenominated to participate in the festival will be rewarded with a gift certificatefrom the online printshop Blurb. Blurb offers comprehensive services for theproduction of high-quality books. The company can print anything from ahigh-gloss photo book to a paperback. Not only that but Blurb accompaniestheir customers throughout the entire process of creating a photo book. Inaddition, Blurb presents their clients’ most attractive publications on theirhomepage. More information about Blurb is available at

6th February 2012

Gift card for the LUMIX Festival: a special present

Für Eintrittskarten zum 3. Lumix Fotofestival kann man ab sofort Gutscheine Gift cards for admission to the third LUMIX festival are available. The
admission price for adults is € 7.00 (€ 5.00 reduced income). Gift certificates
entitle admission to any day of the festival and can be redeemed by our
cashiers. The certificates are available for purchase at the central library of the University of Applied Sciences (Ricklinger Stadtweg 118) and at the Linden
camera shop Enjoyyourcamera (Stephanusstrasse 23). We can also send them to you by post: please order them by mail

21st January 2012

Darcy Padilla is Coming to the Lumix Festival

For eighteen years, the American photographer Darcy Pasilla and her camera were a feature in the life of the drug addict Julie Baird, who also suffered from AIDS. The result of this work is "The Julie Project", an evocative long-term project concentrating on a young woman whose life was marked by tragedy. "Darcy Padilla's images show us the bleak, vermin-infested hotel rooms where those with no homes of their own could seek shelter. They give us a view of these overcrowded, chaotic nesting places, where even a brood of kittens might find acceptance and nourishment" writes the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. The newspaper continues: "These photos lead us to the deathbed of Julie's first life partner and, coming painfully close, confront us with the destruction wrought on Julie's body by disease and neglect. However, they also show us the love- between partners, between parents and children- which is the only thing that enables survival in such circumstances." Padilla developed a deep awareness of social realities from her parents' influence: her father is a social worker and her mother worked in a hospital. She completed an internship at the New York Times and the Washington Post and is now active as a freelancer. Padilla was awarded the W. Eugene Smith Award for Humanistic Photography for "The Julie Project".

aus »Julie Project«

Visit the Website of Darcy Padilla

20th January 2012

Munem Wasif is coming to the Lumix Festival

Photo: Sarker Protick

Munem Wasif, who was born in Bangladesh, studied at the Pathshala South Asian Institute of Photography. After that, he worked as a photoreporter for the English-language newspaper Daily Star. In 2007, he was chosen to participate in the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass. A year later, Wasif won the La Fabricca F25 Prize and the Young Reporter Award from the city of Perpignan. His expressive black-and-white pictures make him one of Asia's most talented young photographers. Wasif is a member of the French photo agency VU.

Story: In God We Trust, Bangladesh 2010

Zur Webseite von Munem Wasif

20th January 2012

Joakim Eskildsen is coming to the Lumix Festival

Joakim Eskilden studied photography under the Danish court photographer Rigmor Mydtskov before moving to Helsinki in 1994 to enroll at that city's College of Art and Design. Eskildsen has published several book projects; his international breakthrough came with the book The Roma Journeys, whose brilliant pictures allow readers to immerse themselves in the world of the Roma. While working on this project, Eskildsen travelled through seven European countries and India. In 2008, the book won the Amilcare Ponchielli Prize and in 2009, it was awarded the German Photo Book Prize, the Otto Pankok Foundation Award and the David Octavius Hill Medal.

aus »Die Romareisen«

Visit the website of Joakim Eskildsen

12th January 2012

Anja Niedringhaus is coming to the LUMIX Festival!

Anja Niedringhaus in AfghanistanAnja Niedringhaus in Afghanistan

The German AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus has agreed to attend the LUMIX festival. Niedringhaus, 45, studied teaching at the Universität Göttingen. On the side, she wrote and took photos for the Göttinger Tageblatt. In 1990, she started working for the European Pressphoto Agency, but then took on a position as reporter and war correspondent for the Associated Press news agency. Since then, she has reported from areas of conflict including the former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2005, she won both a Pulitzer Prize in the news reporting category and the International Women's Media Foundation Courage in Journalism Award. In 2008 she was awarded the Goldene Feder Press Award, and in 2011 she won the Abisag Tüllmann Prize.

1st November 2011

Ready, Steady, Go!

From 1 November 2011 until 29 February 2012, you can apply for the FreeLens Award and Lumix Multimedia Award We are calling on young photographers up to the age of 35 to submit their reportages, photo essays or serial works (i.e. portrait series) with a journalistic character.

Foto: Nick Neufeld

To access the competition rules and the application form for the FreeLens Award,click here

13th April 2011

The 3rd Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism

It is time to look forward to the Lumix Festival again: The third Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism will take place in the light-flooded rooms and hallways of the Design Center from June 13th to June 17th 2012. The degree programme photojournalism and documentary photography as organiser of the festival and the Japanese camera producer Panasonic as main sponsor of the event agreed on that. The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover will again cooperate with the photojournalist association FreeLens for the presentation of this grand exhibition.

Photo: Fara Phoebe Zetzsche

After the sensational responses to the premiere in 2008 and the second festival in 2010 the organisers are expecting new records for the numbers of applicants and visitors in 2012. The exhibitions will again be presented in the futuristic pavilions of the world fair. The diversity of journalistic reportage photography in topics and styles will be demonstrated. It will be a showcase for young photojournalism.

A top-class jury will award the FreeLens Award with a prize money of 10.000 euro to the best work of the festival. Besides that Panasonic sponsors the Lumix Multimedia Award with a prize money of 5.000 euro for the best multimedia reportage. The age limit for taking part in the exhibition programme and the competitions is 35 years. Works and applications can be handed in between November 1st 2011 and February 28th 2012.

Besides the 60 photo exhibitions and multimedia reportages there will be a supporting programme again. Among others, eight well-known international photographers will be invited to hold lectures. Besides the exhibitions and lectures there will be a notable technique showroom that not only technophile visitors will enjoy.

Photo: Christina Kuhaupt

The opening will take place on Wednesday June 13th 2012. The end of the festival will be as in previous years the following Sunday. The award ceremony for the FreeLens Award and the Lumix Multimedia Award will be held on Saturday June 16th 2012.