The LUMIX Festival 2016

We are happy to announce that the LUMIX Festival for young photojournalism will continue into its 5th edition in 2016. From the 15th until the 19th of June 2016 we will open our doors at the old Expo-grounds again!

More information and a new web side will follow within the next weeks, visit us on Facebook for the latest news!

We are looking forward to meeting you in Hannover! See you in 2016!

Impressions of the 4th Lumix Festival for joung photojournalism

Photo: Felix ZahnPhoto: Wilma LeskowitschPhoto: Agata Szymanska-MedinaPhoto: China HopsonPhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: China HopsonPhoto: China HopsonPhoto: China HopsonPhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Wilma LeskowitschPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Konstantin TönniesPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Wilma LeskowitschPhoto: Agata Szymanska-MedinaPhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Agata Szymanska-MedinaPhoto: China HopsonPhoto: Selina HaberlandPhoto: Selina HaberlandPhoto: Philipp Claudio SannPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Agata Szymanska-MedinaPhoto: Philipp Claudio SannPhoto: Agata Szymanska-MedinaPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Konstantin TönniesPhoto: Konstantin TönniesPhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Agata Szymanska-MedinaPhoto: Selina HaberlandPhoto: Selina HaberlandPhoto: Agata Szymanska-MedinaPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Konstantin TönniesPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Wilma LeskowitschPhoto: Agata Szymanska-MedinaPhoto: Agata Szymanska-MedinaPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Agata Szymanska-MedinaPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Frederik FerschkePhoto: Frederik FerschkePhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Frederik Ferschke

Interview with the FREELENS-Winner Meeri Koutaniemi

The day in pictures - 22.06.2014

Photo: Selina HaberlandPhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Konstantin TönniesPhoto: Konstantin TönniesPhoto: Frederik FerschkePhoto: Selina HaberlandPhoto: Frederik FerschkePhoto: Felix Zahn

The day in pictures - 21.06.2014

Foto: Maximilian von LachnerFoto: Felix ZahnFoto: Selina HaberlandFoto: Wilma LeskowitschFoto: Felix ZahnFoto: China HopsonFoto: Agata Szymanska-MedinaFoto: Felix ZahnFoto: Selina Haberland

Finish photographer Meeri Koutaniemi Won the Freelens Award

Nearly 1,200 submissions from 71 different countries were considered by a well-respected jury. The best 60 reportages from twentythree countries were represented from 18th-22nd June on the former grounds of Expo 2000 in Hanover/Germany in a huge photography show, visited by over 35.000 people.

On Saturday, 21st June the winners of the 4th Lumix festival for young photojournalism were announced. Finish photographer Meeri Koutaniemi (26) received the FREELENS Award, which is endowed with 10,000 euros, for her reportage “Taken”. Daniela Schadt, partner of Germans federal president Joachim Gauck, handed the award to the winner. Koutaniemi documented the cruel tradition of female genital mutilation in Kenya, which is condemned as a violation of human rights, but still carried out in 29 countries. The World Health Organization estimates that there are more than 140 million victims worldwide.

Three honourable mentions, which were endowed with 1,000 euros, went on the one hand to Norwegian photographer Andrea Gjestvang (33) with her portrait series „One Day in History“ about the survivors oft he horrific massacre that took place on the Norwegian island of Utoya, otherwise to Danish Photographer Mads Nissen (34) for his documentary series „Homophobia in Russia“ and to Rahul Talukder (22) from Bangladesh for his pictures of the „Collapse of Rana Plaza“.

For the third time, the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ) awarded the People's Choice Award. The reportage that moves the festival visitors the most was the story “One day in History” by Andrea Gjestvang. She additionally won the prize of 1,000 euros.

Also for the third time, the electronics company Panasonic endowed the Lumix Multimedia Award with a cash prize of 5,000 euros for the best multimedia production. Twenty of the nearly 200 multimedia projects submitted by young photojournalists from 37 different countries were considered for the competition and were shown at the festival.

The Lammerhuber Photography Award was awarded to the reportage that tells a story from everyday life in the most impressive way. The prize, which is endowed with 5,000 euros, went to German photographer Fara Phoebe Zetzsche (29) for her reportage “Stray Kids” about young people living on Berlins streets.

Patrick Slesiona (22) from Germany with his reportage “Two Sides – To Live with the Unforgivable Crime” as well as American Christopher Capoziello (34) with his reportage “A State of Mind” were voted for the best multimedia reportages.

Two honourable mentions went on the one hand to photographer Berta Tilmantaite for her story "Oleg - The hunter" about Oleg Timofejewitsch Odnolko and otherwise to Yeong-Ung Yang for "Endless Bus Trip".




Photos of the day - 20.06.2014

Photo: Agata Szymanska-MedinaPhoto: Frederik FerschkePhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: China HopsonPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Selina HaberlandPhoto: China HopsonPhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: China HopsonPhoto: Agata Szymanska-MedinaPhoto: Agata Szymanska-MedinaPhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Agata Szymanska-MedinaPhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: China Hopson

Photos of the day - 19.06.2014

Photo: Felix ZahnPhoto: Konstantin TönniesPhoto: Selina HaberlandPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Frederik FerschkePhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Wilma LeskowitschPhoto: Selina HaberlandPhoto: Konstantin TönniesPhoto: Konstantin TönniesPhoto: Philipp Claudio SannPhoto: China HopsonPhoto: Felix ZahnPhoto: Konstantin TönniesPhoto: Konstantin Tönnies

Mayor of Hanover Stefan Schostok opens the 4th Lumix Festival

The mayor of Hanover Stefan Schostok opened the 4th Lumix Festival on the 18th of June 2014. Over the next five days, the former Expo site around the Design Center of the University of Hannover, will turn into an extensive and multi-faceted exhibition area as well as a meeting place of international photojournalism.

Poto: Maximilian von Lachner

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Preparation for the 4th Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism

Photo: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Frederik FerschkePhoto: Selina HaberlandPhoto: Frederik FerschkePhoto: Wilma LeskowitschPhoto: Wilma LeskowitschPhoto: Selina HaberlandPhoto: Selina HaberlandPhoto: Wilma LeskowitschPhoto: Wilma LeskowitschPhoto: Agata Szymanska-MedinaPhoto: Wilma LeskowitschPhoto: Selina HaberlandPhoto: Wilma LeskowitschPhoto: China HopsonPhoto: Philipp Claudio SannPhoto: Philipp Claudio SannPhoto: Philipp Claudio SannPhoto: China HopsonPhoto: Maximilian von LachnerPhoto: Philipp Claudio Sann

Alixandra Fazzina comes instead of Kadir van Lohuizen

Photo: Eduardo Diaz

Unfortunately Kadir van Lohuizen had to cancel his lecture on 20th of June 2014 at 5:00pm due to personal reasons. The photographer Alixandra Fazzina, who is from the NOOR agency, will come to the Lumix Festival instead.

The English photographer Alixandra Fazzina, who was born in 1974, was a student of Fine Arts before she launched her career as a photojournalist during the conflict in Bosnia. Since then her work has led her to Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Her stories have been published by several major newspapers and magazines, such as The Sunday Times, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times and Stern. She also took pictures for NGO’s and the UN. In 2010 she published her work about the exodus of migrants and refugees from Somalia to the Arabian Peninsula in her book “A Million Shillings: Escape from Somalia“. Her current long-term project “The Flowers of Afghanistan“ documents the story of Afghan children and teenagers who got away from war in their home country thanks to their escape to Europe. Alixandra Fazzina has lived in Islamabad in Pakistan for 5 years.

She will present her work on Friday 20th of June, at 5:00pm in the Design Center.

Daniela Schadt is comming to the Lumix Festival

Photo: Bundesregierung / Henning Schacht

Daniela Schadt , partner of the German President Joachim Gauck, will visit the 4th Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hannover on Saturday , 21 June. Prof. Dr. Josef von Helden , President of the University of Hannover , Prof. Wilfried Koepke , Dean of the Faculty III - Media , Information and Design , and the two festival directors Prof. Rolf Nobel and Isabel Winarsch will welcome Daniela Schadt and give her an insight into the history of the Festival as well as the importance of the Expo Plaza - both as an exhibition area as well as one of the five locations of the University of Hannover. Daniela Schadt will also get to know the Design Center unclose , the heart of the festival and home to the Department of Design and Media ,which also includes the study program photojournalism and documentary photography.

At 5:00pm Daniela Schadt will visit the lecture of the German - American National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig. After the lecture, Ms. Schadt , who has worked for many years as a journalist herself, will visit several photo exhibitions and meet the young photographers in person. 60 stories that reflect an immense range of the social, political and cultural issues of the world are exhibited: from the current events of touching and moving stories of everyday life, to humorous photographed stories. Following Daniela Schadt will take part in the highlight of the festival - the award ceremony of the four awards . Along with the Jury, Ms. Schadt will present the 1st prize - the € 10,000 Freelens Award - to the winner.

Crowdfunding theme day on Thursday, 19th of June

Whoever is not permanently employed at a newspaper, agency or a transmitter today operates mostly as a freelens. What sounds like time, power and peace for one's own projects, but also poses hurdles - without winning the lottery work still needs to be financed, often even in advance. Crowdfunding was invented for these purposes: the audience - the crowd - decides what it wants to see and produce.

Behind this simple principle there is a lot of work, because how does a story reach its audience if it has never been born yet? How to estimate its cost realistically and thus pay your supporters back? Where can you get help and who has already been successful at crowdfungings?

Our "Crowdfunding" theme day will take place on Thursday, June 19th from 11:00 am to 16:00 pm at Planet MID . Visitors of the Lumix festival can gain knowledge in lectures with already successful crowdfunding professionals. The current program for the festival can be found here.

11:00 am - Rob Hornstra »The Sochi Project« photo project (DE)

We are pleased that we have the Dutch photographer - in addition to his presentation (18th June, 19.30 clock) on his photographic concept and his work in Russia - he will share his experience about crowdfunding.

12:00 pm - Claudius Schulze »Socotra« photo project (DE)

Photo: Claudius Schulze

Since when does crowdfunding exist, what can you expect as a photographer and what does not work? Claudius Schulze uses different crowdfunding platforms and thus financed his book "Socotra" - on a visual journey to the idea of ​​a desert island, which story earned him a nomination for World Press Photo Masterclass. When he is not photographing in free projects, he works for GEO, Stern, Spiegel or NEON among others.


» Naturzustand« Photo Book

13:00 pm - Sebastian Esser »Krautreporter« online-magazine (DE)

"Krautreporter" is known by many as a successful crowdfunding platform for challenging and target group-oriented journalism now the team, Sebastian Esser and Philipp Schwoerbel, have already planned the next network project by the two founders: in their online magazine they want to offer funding for quality journalism. Future editor in chief is Alexander von Streit. Started on 13th May the idea is already enthusiasticly supported by about 4,500 people. The idea behind the complex system of funding in advance and network users subscriptions will be presented in the lecture. More info and the "Support" button can be found at

14:00 pm - Kai Wiedenhöfer »Wall on Wall« photo project (DE)

The photo project "Wall on Wall" shows walls around the world, the continents , countries and cultures that separate people. The outdoor exhibition along the former Berlin Wall and the book that accompanied it, he has realized very successfully through a Kickstarter campaign.

15:00 pm - Sarah Mabrouk »The Food Cure« Documentary (DE)

Together with her team, the producer Sarah Mabrouk launched a Kickstarter campaign and collected not just the desired amount of $ 68,000 from the numerous supporters , but $ 123,000. The film "The Food Cure" accompanies six cancer patients from the USA, Canada, France and Switzerland for three years. By their decision to eat the right food to strengthen their immune system own, they rely not only on the usual medication, but support their health additionally. The Kickstarter campaign is over, but the team looks forward to further donations under #! join-us/ceem .


Exhibition venue — Richard Kühn Haus

Our last exhibition venue: We welcome new light-filled space in Richard Kühn house ! This modern building is the first built after the Expo 2000 building and located like all our venues - on the former Expo site near the Design Center. Find out more here.

Photo: Maximilian von Lachner

Michael von Graffenried is coming

Michael von Graffenried, Swiss photographer residing in Paris, is the last photographer to fill the lecture program of this year's festival. During his career, he became attention with many unusual works. These include his story on the prostitutes who are waiting for customers in front of the Swiss Federal Palace, a documentary on nudists and a panorama format story about the daily life in the fractious civil war in Algeria.

In addition to winning the World Press Photo Award Michael von Graffenried was appointed a Knight of the Legion of Honour and in 2010 he received the Dr. Erich Salomon Prize of the German Society of Photography.

Michael von Graffenried will present his work on Friday, June 20 at 19:30 pm.


Gerd Ludwig receives Dr.-Erich-Salomon-Prize

Foto: Anthony Friedkin

Gerd Ludwig, guest lecturer during the Lumix Festival and one of the most prominent German photojournalist based in Los Angeles received the Dr. Erich Salomon Prize of the German Society for Photography (DGPh), which is one of the most important German awards for photojournalists. On Saturday, June 21 at 18pm Gerd Ludwig will present his work in the Design Center.







Trailer for the 4th Lumix Fotofestival 2014

The banner hangs, the countdown is on

Photos: Mathias Schumacher

Preparations for the 4th Lumix Festival are entering the hot phase. The management utilities of the University of Hannover together with the photo students have mounted on the facade of the Design Center a 10 by 15 meters large banner. At the front - an image from the work "Despite Similarities to Reality, This is a Work of Fiction" of the U.S. photojournalist Ryan Spencer Reed. Reed accompanied the modern "Band of Brothers", the 4th Brigade Combat Team of the 101st Airborne Division, more than a year - during their training and their deployment in Afghanistan. 

Ragnar Axelsson is coming

The effect of his black and white photos of his homeland Iceland and the hunters of Greenland will definitely touch you. No photographer is connected so close to his home country as Ragnar Axelsson, born in Iceland in 1958. Subjects of his photographs are the people of the North and they tell about life and survival in a stunning and often harsh nature. Farmers, herdsmen, fishermen, hunters and woodsmen are the main subjects of his work.

Since 1976 he has been working for the Icelandic newspaper »Morgunbladet«. His work has been published in the photo books »The soul of the North«, "Behind the Mountains« and »The last of the Arctic hunters«. He is known to a wider circle primarily for the 2011 documentary film »Faces of the North«.

Ragnar Axelsson is going to present his photos and talk about his work on Thursday, 19 June at 17pm.

Anja Niedringhaus killed in Afghanistan

We have just received the shocking news that the experienced war photographer Anja Niedringhaus, 48, has been shot in eastern Afghanistan while reporting on the country's presidential election. Her Canadian partner, journalist Kathy Gannon, was seriously injured in the attack.

Anja Niedringhaus started working for the American news agency AP in 2002. In 2005, she was honoured with the Pulitzer Prize in the 'Breaking News' category for her reporting work from the war in Iraq. In the same year, she won the International Women's Media Foundation Courage in Journalism Award. She was awarded the German Golden Feather Award in 2008 and the Abisag Tüllmann Prize in 2011.

We are thankful that we were able to have Ms. Niedringhaus as a guest at the previous Lumix Festival. She showed us a cross-section of her work and reported on her professional life. A transcript of this presentation can be found at /vortraege2012.html.

Exhibitions 2014

1. Mustafah Abdulaziz »Water«2. Francesco Anselmi »Xenios Zeus«3. Arnau Bach »Suburbia«4. Lasse Bak Mejlvang »A Place They Call Home«5. Franz Bischof »Kiruna«6. Arnau Blanch Vilageliu »Veneno«7. Henning Bode »Die Kinder des King-Cotton«8. Albert Bonsfills »Lina and Mengchun«9. Antoine Bruy »Les Maquis (Scrublands)«10. Oscar B. Castillo »Our War, Our Pain«11. Alejandro Chaskielberg »La Creciente«12. Philip Cheung »Desert Dreams: United Arab Emirates«13. Colin Delfosse »Dancing Ashes«14. Hossein Fatemi »An Iranian Journey«15. Fabian Fiechter »Gold Diver«16. Kris Finn »Welcome to Williston – Letzte Hoffnung Ölboom«17. Andrea Gjestvang »One Day in History«18. Julien Goldstein »Kurdistan: People with no rights, but anger«19. Insa Cathérine »Hagemann Transition - Tanz des Lebens«20. Marie Hald »Bonnie«21. Casper Hedberg »Buzkashi«22. Abdollah Heidari »I want my face«23. Magnus Holm »Detroit«24. Nick Jaussi »The maricas of Santa Fe«25. Philipp Jeske »Russlands neue Verteidiger«26. Birte Kaufmann »The Travellers«27. Felix Kleymann »Pacificação«28. Meeri Koutaniemi »Taken«29. Sara Lewkowicz »Maggie«30. Konrad Lippert »They Call It Trouble«31. Andrew Lubimov »Football Hooligans. The taste of defeat«32. Sandro Maddalena »The road of revolution«33. Mads Nissen »Homophobia in Russia«34. Michele Palazzi »Black Gold Hotel«35. Ilana Panich-Linsman »The Tree and the Apple«36. Alessandro Penso »YOUTH DENIED: Youth migrants in Greece«37. Valentina Piccinni »The fighters of Ukrainian revolution«38. Giulio Piscitelli »From there to here«39. Jordi Pizarro »The Believers Project«40. Sergey Ponomarev »Syria. War and Peace. «41. Laerke Posselt »Beautiful Child«42. Pavel Prokopchik »Apashka«43. Ryan Spencer Reed »Despite Similarities to Reality, This is a Work of Fiction«44. Emanuele Satolli »Krokodil: The World's Most Deadly Drug«45. Charlotte Schmitz »Yo soy lo que soy – I am who I am (Ich bin wer ich bin) «46. Julius Schrank »New Burma's Shadows«47. Chi Yin Sim »Dying to Breathe«48. Jeremie Souteyrat »Fukushima, sacrified land«49. Rahul Talukder »COLLAPSE OF RANA PLAZA «50. Maria Turchenkova »Hidden War in the Caucasus«51. Rebecka Uhlin »The Marriage«52.Iveta Vaivode »Somewhere on a disappearing path«53. Sébastien Van Malleghem »PRISON«54. Aaron Vincent Elkaim »Sleeping with the Devil«55. Daniele Volpe »Guatemala Genocide«56. Lucas Wahl Mekong »Source to Sea«57. Mario Wezel »One in eight hundred«58. Jonas Wresch »Potosi's kleine Wächter«59. Adrian Wykrota »Modern Polish Wedding«60. Fara Phoebe Zetzsche »Stray Kids«

Exhibitions 2014

Our pre-jury consisting of faculty members from the University of Applied Science and Arts Hannover and members from the german photojournalist associtaion FREELENS came together to choose the 60 feautures to be exhibited at the 4th LUMIX-Festival.

It took about eleven hours to look through nearly 1200 submissions from 71 countries for this years FREELENS-Award covering a huge variety of topics.

A new application record!

We are also happy to announce the 20 multimedia projects to be shown at this years edition of the festival.

Have a look at where we will introduce all the photographers to be exhibited within the next days.

Time's up!

Thanks for all your submissions!
It looks like there is a new record of applications...


Maxim Dondyuk is coming

Photo: Andrew Lubimov

His photo story of the crisis at Maidan is one of the most impressive once which was photographed at Kiev's Independece Square in the last months - that's why Dondyuk's work was published by many prestigious international magazines. But also his compassionate story on the tuberculosis epidemic in Ukraine leaves no one untouched. Although he is only 30 years old, he has already won numerous awards and prizes for his work.

In 2012 he was one of the exhibiting photographers of the 3rd Lumix Festival. Now we are happy to anounce that he will be a lecturer at this years Lumix Festival. On Thursday, 19th of June, he will give a presentation of his work at 19:30 in the Design Center.

Zed Nelson is coming!


We are happy to announce that British documentary photographer Zed Nelson will give a presentation of his work on Saturday, 21st of June at 11:00. Born in 1965 in Uganda he was honored countless times with awards such as the World Press Award, Alfred Eisenstaedt Award, Visa d`Or and Picture of the Year. He has been on display in the Tate Britain and the National Portrait Gallery. Zed Nelson's work can currently be seen at the permanent exhibition of Victoria & Albert Museums in London.

Zed Nelson is photographing on commissions, but is also focusing on his own long-term projects. Some of his most famous Works are »Gun Nation«, »Love Me« or »Right Wing Along the Rio Grande«.

Zed Nelson studied »Photography as fine art« at the Polytechnic of Central London and is currently living in London.

Justin Jin is coming!

Photo: Anna Artemeva

On Wednesday, 18 June at 17:00, British-Chinese photographer Justin Jin will give a presentation about his work. Lumix fans already know Jin as one of the exhibiting photographs from the first Festival in 2008, when one of his photos appeared as a large poster on the facade of the Design Centre in order to advertise the Festival.

Jin, who is 40 years old and comes from Hong Kong and lives in Brussels, spent most of his school time in England, where he later studied philosophy and political science at Cambridge. He started his professional photography career while he was working as a text correspondent for Reuters in China.

His work tells stories of generations of Arctic people fighting for resources in the Russian Far North, about the millions of farmers being forced to resettle in apartment blocks by the Chinese government, and the plight of immigrants in Paris and London. Jin has been a member of the World Press Masterclass, has won the Magnum Foundation Grant and the Picture of the Year International prize. Since 1998, he has been making his living as a independent photojournalist.

Kadir van Lohuizen is coming!

Along with Gerd Ludwig and Rob Hornstra, Kadir van Lohuizen has confirmed his participation in the Lumix Festival and will give a presentation on Friday, 20 June 2014 at 17:00. The 50-year-old artist, who comes from the Netherlands, is co-founder of the photographic agency NOOR. At the beginning of his career, he made a name for himself with his reportages from Africa. Nowadays his main area of interest is large, long-term projects, which he carries out between commissioned assignments. One example is the project 'Lifelines – 7 Rivers', which appeared as a book entitled Rivers. For this project, van Lohuizen travelled the great rivers Amazon, Mississippi, Ob, Danube, Yangtze, Niger and Ganges from 1996 to 2002.

His most recent project, 'Via PanAm', has been published as an iPad application and a book. It is currently being shown around the world as a moving exhibition. Van Lohuizen took a year to travel the Pan-American Highway from Chile to Alaska, always following traditional migratory paths.


Rob Hornstra is coming to the Lumix Festival!

At the first Lumix Festival in 2008, Rob Hornstra exhibited his photo series "101 Billionaires". This year he will be with us again to give a presentation. The presentation will take place on Wednesday, 18 June at 19:00.

His Sochi project, which he has been working on with filmmaker Arnold van Burgen since 2009, has earned quite a reputation, and not only in the industry. His extensive, well-researched and creatively innovative multimedia piece takes a critical look at the background to the Olympic Games in the Russian city of Sochi.

Rob Hornstra was born in the Netherlands in 1975. Since graduating from the Utrecht Art School in 2004, he has worked primarily on his own long-term projects. He has published several of these projects as books. In 2012, he won first prize in the World Press Photo Award competition.

Gerd Ludwig will attend the Lumix Festival!

Foto: Anthony Friedkin

We are very happy to announce that german photographer Gerd Ludwig will attend the Lumix Festival 2014! In his speech on Saturday 21st of june at the Auditory of the Design Center he'll introduce the audience to his personal projects as well as his works in photojournalism.
Moving to the United States in 1983, he became staff photographer of the American magazine National Geographic in 1992. In his long career he's been honoured with a countless amount of awards and even won the Lucie Award for International Photographer of the Year, which is the most honourable award in the field of photography in the US.

Gerd Ludwig was born in 1947 in Alsfeld/Germany and now lives in Hollywood. He studied photography under Professor Otto Steinert at the Folkwangschule in Essen and co-founded the photograhy agency VISUM. Even before he moved to the United States he's already been taking photos for all big magazines in Germany, such as Life and Times.



Save the date for 2014!

The 4th Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism will be held from June 18th - June 22nd 2014.
See you in Hannover!

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